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Maya Wildevuur_s.jpg

Private art project

I am currently looking for colourful and extraordinary people. Who have a captivating appearance.


Outspoken artistic, fetisj, posh, poetic, musical, theatrical, vintage, dark, technical people.


The house where they live or place where the work or perform represents them to the utmost extent. This is not a commercial project. But my private project as a photographer. On the left you see the first picture I took in this serie. This is exactly who she is and where she actually lives. Authenticity is key.


If you know anyone like Maya but then totally different. Please send me their contact information.

You will receive an art print of the person you have proposed as thanks.

Please fill out the form below.

Or drop me a line on +31 6 19202060

Many thanks in advance



Your suggestion

Thanks for your suggestion

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